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Schachter Consulting is an executive coaching firm. That means that the core of our client work is one-on-one interaction to help individuals become self-aware and deliberately change behavior to improve effectiveness.

These individuals sit inside complex organizations. For us, then, this expert coaching exists within our broader offering of proven, performance-driving capabilities and methodologies in Executive Assessment and Development and Team Alignment.

We work with senior leaders and their teams to conceptualize where they want to go and where their gaps are right now in relation to that. We then help them cultivate the perspectives, skills and approaches required to close those gaps. Finally, we help get everyone on the same page to make things happen.



Whether for individuals, teams, or an operating unit, our assessments are comprehensive and tailored to your specific situation. We design them to be administered and analyzed quickly so the greatest part of the engagement is spent on the intervention itself.

Depending on your presenting challenges, we will assess:
• Individual effectiveness
• Top team effectiveness
• Organizational dynamics

We will deliver:
• Self-reported feedback
• Multi-source feedback

We thoroughly analyze the data we gather and provide recommendations for planning and action. Whether you opt to proceed with our help or on your own, this forms the basis for Development and/or Alignment work.



The bottom line? Performance is impacted by targeted, meaningful development. From the data gathered and recommendations made in the Assessment phase, together with you, we map effective executive development approaches including one-on-one executive coaching and group learning strategy & implementation.

One-on-one Executive Coaching
Executive coaching is the most targeted mechanism to help individuals with some of the predictable challenges of leadership. Here’s a bit more on it. We deliver premier one-on-one executive coaching to support:

  • Critical Leadership Transitions
    • Onboarding a new executive for early traction
    • Supporting a key promotion
    • Developing high-potential leaders
  • “Finishing School”
      • Helping a talented technical expert become a senior leader

    <li >Enhancing the executive polish of a rough-around-the-edges performer

  • Realizing Senior Leadership Potential
    • Accelerating the learning of targeted skills
    • Preventing derailment of otherwise talented performers

Cascading Leadership Behaviors (learning for large groups)
For larger groups, one-on-one executive coaching isn’t always optimal or even feasible.  When you’re aiming for a wider audience to cultivate new and better behaviors we can help you with:

  • High Impact Workshops and Seminars
    • Designing, developing and delivering learning modules for critical leadership behaviors
    • Training and certifying in-house coaches

<ul >

  • Executive Forums
  • Designing and moderating “salon-style” gatherings for senior and/or executive leaders
  • Creating structured and “safe” opportunities for execs to share experiences and perspectives
  • Keynote Addresses
    • Delivering cutting-edge talks for large-event business meetings and offsites, and for trade associations and affinity groups
  • Upgrading the Leadership Development Catalog
    • Evaluating your current learning strategy, methods and offerings
    • Helping align the catalog with current and forward-looking business imperatives



Leaders and their teams must harmonize the work they undertake and the messages they send.  This is critical to execution.  Together with you, we design and facilitate processes and experiences to form, build and align your top team to gel and maximize productivity.  For example:

  • Senior Team Launch
    • Conducting “Jumpstart” to accelerate assimilation of a new team leader
    • Chartering the new team for clarity of mission, purpose and process
    • Conducting “Reboot” for existing team to regain bearings and move forward
  • Senior Team Steering
    • Guiding the team to formulate, articulate and negotiate its “hardware,” i.e., strategy, goals, roles and procedures
    • Guiding the team to formulate, articulate and negotiate its “software,” i.e., interactivity and subculture
    • Conducting one-on-team coaching to problem-solve top team business in real time
  • Senior Team Maintenance
      <li >Team Tune-up: Eliciting targeted feedback from key team constituents to get underneath its applied performance at work

    • Revisiting Team Launch and/or Team Steering activities, as appropriate


Visit our Case Studies page for real-life success stories from organizations like yours. Better yet, call us now at 212-332-7150 and schedule a free, no-obligation phone consultation with Gale Alexander to see if you qualify to work with Ephraim Schachter.

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