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Schachter Consulting is an award-winning executive coaching boutique for CXOs, senior leaders and top teams.

We bring deep experience and expertise to help talented professionals deliberately choose behavior to optimize organizational resultsdrive change and get noticed. The work is high-touch and customized to each client. Committed clients achieve serious successes.

Enjoy the website. If you’re  a senior level high-achiever with a commitment to delivering big and rising higher, call us now at 212-332-7150 and schedule a free, no-obligation phone consultation with Gale Alexander to see if you qualify to work with Ephraim Schachter.

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Our Featured Video – Management Tool


If you’re like many leaders, when direct reports ask for your help, you’re torn between being overly directive or too distant. Ephraim Schachter of Schachter Consulting LLC offers an easy-to-apply tool to empower them, develop their problem-solving muscles and get them moving forward.

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